BUZZR & Game Show Network Honors Betty White With Weekend Marathons

***Waves and picks cobwebs off laptop keyboard***

On New Year’s Eve 2021 – 18 days before her 100th birthday – legendary actress and frequent game show guest star Betty White passed away at the age of 99.

Although some remember her for her quick wit, warm presence, brilliant sense of humor, and avid advocacy for animal safety, White is also known for starring on The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler More Show, and serving as a phenomenal panelist and partner on several game shows including several editions of Match Game, Password, and Pyramid.

This weekend, BUZZR and Game Show Network are airing their own respective marathons honoring Betty White’s game show legacy.

Game Show Network kicks off its marathon first on Saturday, January 8 at 9:00am ET with an eight-hour Match Game marathon featuring Betty White’s best moments.

On the same day, BUZZR airs its all-day Match Game marathon beginning at 10:30am ET, which includes a Match Game episode with host Gene Rayburn, the panelists, and studio audience wishing her a “Happy Birthday”.

On Sunday, January 16 starting at 10:30am ET, BUZZR’s Betty White tribute continues with an all-day Password marathon filled with episodes of Password and Password Plus with her husband and host, Allen Ludden, and Super Password.

To wrap up the digital channel’s three-day tribute to the actress and animal rights activist, BUZZR honors what would have been her 100th birthday celebration with Betty White-filled game shows and new-to-BUZZR episodes including Whew! To Tell The Truth, Tattletales, Trivia Trap, and I’ve Got A Secret. The final marathon airs Monday, January 17 from 8:00am ET–2:00am ET.

Check out a few videos below featuring Betty White, including an episode of her hosting the short-lived 1983 game show, Just Men!, for which she won a Daytime Emmy. Stay tuned!

Photo/Video Sources Courtesy of Fremantle and YouTube.

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