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Comments Policy: All comments will be accepted unless they are spam, have nothing to do with game shows, vulgar, or purposefully plug another product. I reserve the right to remove any comments I see fit for deletion.

Overall Rating for Game Show Reviews: I rate each show on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (perfect). An average, at par game show would receive a rating of 6. Here’s the rating scale the overall rating:

10.0: A perfect, flawlessly executed game show. Expected to have a long, successful run.
9.0: An excellent, well-executed game show. Expected to become a staple of the network and have a long, successful run with more than four seasons.
8.0: A great game show that needs a little bit of tweaking. Expected to run for at least three seasons.
7.0: A good game show that needs to be improved in some areas. Expected to run for at least two seasons.
6.0: A game show that needs to be improved in multiple areas. Expected to run for at least one season.
5.9 & lower: A game show that is poorly executed, poorly constructed, needs to be cancelled immediately, and should not have aired. Expected to run for one season or less.

The overall rating of each show will be determined by six factors that I deem to be important in order to have a successful game show:

1. Set Design: The overall design of the stage for the show (Self-explanatory)
2. Gameplay: The rules of the game, the cash and prizes at stake, what skills are needed to win the game (speed, strategy, knowledge, etc.), and other minor details (bonus rounds, sound effects, etc.)
3. Show Flow: The overall execution, consistency, and pace of the show and whether or not the show exhibits a lot of mistakes and technical difficulties
4. Potential Viewer Ratings: Based of how many people will be able to watch the show depending on which channel it is on, whether the show will be interesting enough to stick around, and how the show matches up against other shows on other networks during their time slot
5. Play-Along Factor: Based on whether the viewers at home can “play along” with the contestants on the show while watching it, such as solving a puzzle as on Wheel of Fortune or Classic Concentration or answering questions as on The Joker’s Wild or Who Wants to be a Millionaire
6. Host: Based on how well the show’s emcee does hosting, asking the questions, explaining the rules, and entertaining the contestants, studio audience, and home viewers.

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