"Beat Shazam" Review

Set Design- 8 Gameplay- 5 Show Flow- 6 Potential Viewer Ratings- 9 Play-Along Factor- 10 Host- 9 Overall Rating- 7.8

"Love Connection" Review

Set Design- 5 Gameplay- 10 Show Flow- 7 Potential Viewer Ratings- 7 Play-Along Factor- 9 Host- 9 Overall Rating- 7.8

Jeopardy’s 2017 Teachers Tournament $100,000 Finals Begins Tonight

Much like every Jeopardy! tournament, this one did not disappoint. Jeopardy’s 2017 Teachers Tournament will soon come to a close within the next two days as we have reached the competition’s two-day finals beginning today. David Clemmons, an 11th grade U.S. history teacher from Fort Worth, TX; Nan Cohen, a high school English teacher from…

TBS Revives "The Joker’s Wild" With Snoop Dogg To Host

It looks like revivals are trending upward as each day passes, from the return of hit sitcoms like Will & Grace and Roseanne to ABC’s decision to bring back American Idol for another season. This morning, TBS announced its decision to revive The Joker’s Wild later this year during its annual upfront presentation. The network…