You Can Now Watch 1980s Reruns of “The Price Is Right” 24/7 on Pluto TV. Seriously.

After spending the past couple of decades speculating if we would ever see reruns of the Barker episodes of The Price Is Right resurface on Game Show Network or BUZZR, we finally have an answer – albeit a unique one. Starting today, December 1, 2020, BUZZR has created a streaming channel solely dedicated to broadcasting TPIR reruns from the 1980s aptly titled The Price Is Right: The Barker Era on the free streaming platform Pluto TV channel 163

This awesome new channel gives lifelong fans of the show a chance to watch these gems for the first time since Game Show Network acquired the rights to air reruns of TPIR from the Barker, Bill Cullen (1956-1965 NBC/ABC) and Tom Kennedy (1985 syndication) eras from 1995-2000. Viewers will have the opportunity to see classic versions of their favorite pricing games, potentially see retired pricing games played like the skeeball-inspired Super Ball! and The Phone Home Game where two contestants could share a $15,000 top prize, legendary Barker’s Beauties like Holly Hallstrom and Janice Pennington showing off prizes and ogling a some of the weird and wonderful prizes and Showcases offered back then.

On Christmas Eve, the Pluto TV channel will air holiday-themed episodes of The Price Is Right. “Bringing the most cherished era in The Price Is Right history back to television is sure to be a dream come true for all game show fans,” said BUZZR General Manager, Mark Deetjen.  “The golden age of game shows was a time when families would come together to watch this fun and engaging genre of television from the comfort of their living rooms.”

You can start binge-watching announcer Johnny Olson shouting “COME ON DOWN!” and contestants losing their minds over winning thousands in cash and prizes right now on Pluto TV located near the Deal or No Deal on channel 165 and Game Show Central (home of classic and newer GSN original series like Friend or Foe and Extreme Dodgeball) on channel 167.

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