Quick Review On “The Joker’s Wild” Second Season Changes

Last night marked the second season premiere of TBS’s hit primetime game show, The Joker’s Wild. In addition to the show moving to its new Sunday night timeslot, this season brings a surprising amount of noticeable changes – some good, some “meh” and some pleasingly surprising to the point where it made me audibly gasp and bemusingly…

“Genius Junior” Review

Set Design- 9 Gameplay- 9 Show Flow- 8 Potential Viewer Ratings- 8 Play-Along Factor- 9 Host- 8 Overall Rating- 8.5

“Jeopardy!” 2018 College Championship Begins April 9

For the next two weeks beginning Monday, the veteran answer-question quiz show is set to kickoff its annual tournament featuring 15 of the brightest college students in the nation. This year’s contenders are competing for a chance to win $100,000 and a spot in the next Tournament of Champions.

Top 5 March 2018 Game Show Moments

Spring has finally arrived and so has the blog’s monthly countdown list. Today’s article highlights some the top game show moments in March. This month brought us a few firsts including the first $100,000 win of the season on Wheel, the first regular-season tiebreaker on Jeopardy! and The Price Is Right‘s first-ever kids week. Find out if those moments…