Syndicated & CBS Game Shows Return For Fall 2018-19 Season Starting September 10

Although fall doesn’t officially start for at least a couple more weeks, the television fall season has arrived as several shows return with new episodes, including veteran syndicated and CBS daytime game shows. This morning’s article previews each game show that’s returning this fall starting today. This week alone marks the season debuts of Family Feud,…

“25 Words or Less” Review

Set Design- 7 Gameplay- 10 Show Flow- 10 Potential Viewer Ratings- 7 Play-Along Factor- 10 Host- 9 Overall Rating- 8.8

MGM Television To Develop “American Gladiators” Revival

Last week, MGM announced its plans to create a second revival of the adrenaline-pumping competition series Actor Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will serve as executive producers and John Ferraro, the producer of the original version, is also involved with the reboot.

Fox Orders “Mental Samurai” & “Spin The Wheel”

In addition to developing a US adaptation of South Korean competitive singing series called The Masked Singer, the network has greenlighted the two new game shows to bolster Fox’s push to air more reality programming.