“The Chase” Is Back On! (Thanks To ABC)

After receiving news this week about The Chase officially initiating a casting call in search of new contestants for the revived American version, Deadline Hollywood has confirmed that ABC is developing a new season of The Chase with three very familiar faces.

ABC is in talks with Jeopardy! superchamps Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer to become the resident Chasers on the potentially upcoming primetime series. The trio of trivia titans faced each other for the first time ever in January’s Jeopardy! Greatest Of All Time Tournament.

This will be the first time the U.S. will see its own version of the hit high-stakes quiz show since GSN created its own version from 2013. Lasting for only a couple of years, GSN’s excellent version of The Chase was hosted by Brooke Burns and starred veteran quizzer Mark Labbett (who also serves as a Chaser on ITV’s The Chase, Beat The Chasers and The Chase Australia) as the show’s lone Chaser.

I think it’s safe to say if it weren’t for Jeopardy! living its best life right now and having the astounding continuing success it has had recently, we more than likely would not have seen The Chase resurface in U.S. I believe watching how the personalities and dynamics of Jennings, Rutter and Holzhauer emerge on full display for the nation to experience during the GOAT tournament certainly inspired perspective networks to find some way to get these three back together for another project. The Chase is the ideal choice for such a project because of the astounding general knowledge acumen these gentlemen have displayed time and time again in several intense trivia games and because of the ever-growing popularity of The Chase.

Since The Chase debuted on U.K.’s ITV in 2009, the show has spawned 12 international versions, including Germany, Russia, Croatia and Israel producing their own series. A couple of months ago, ITV aired a fantastic spinoff series called Beat The Chasers featuring contestants potentially facing all five Chasers from the original series for massive sums of money.

This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on a couple of seasons of GSN’s The Chase right now on Netflix and check out theses clips of James Holzhauer and his successful appearance on the quiz show below!

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