Fort(Night): Top Game Show Highlights In The Past Two Weeks

Today’s article recaps some of the most memorable moments in the game show universe within the last couple of weeks (May 23-June 6) from the ABC version of The Chase showing a dramatic season-to-season improvement to the U.S. getting its first look at TBS’ rendition of The Cube. The Chase Improves By Taking The “Less…

“Beat The Chasers” Review

Set Design- 10 Gameplay- 9 Show Flow- 10 Potential Viewer Ratings- 10 Play-Along Factor- 10 Host- 10 Overall Rating- 9.8

"The Chase" (2013 GSN) Review

Set Design- 10 Gameplay- 8 Show Flow- 6 Potential Viewer Ratings- 8 Play-Along Factor- 10 Host- 7 Overall Rating- 8.2