"Love Triangle" Review

Set Design- 9
Gameplay- 9
Show Flow- 10
Potential Viewer Ratings- 7
Play-Along Factor- 8
Host- 10
Overall Rating- 8.3

Premise- On each show, one person will come on the show caught in an actual “love triangle”, with the dilemma of dating two extremely different people. The show is divided into four segments: The Past, The Present, The Future, and The Big Decision. “The Past” reveals each of the person’s pasts by revealing some surprising and shocking facts about them and what they have done in the past.  “The Present” breaks down and analyzes the compatibility of each person with the one person by each person taking the “Soulmate Survey”. This test reveals which person is the most compatible with the one person in three of the most important aspects of a relationship: money lifestyle, and sex. The two people will also be hooked up to a polygraph, called “The Trustbuster”, and asked questions such as “Do you want marriage or money?” The third segment, “The Future”, uses certain predictors, such as revealing what each person may look like 25 years from now using aged photos, what each couple’s baby would look like should they decide to have one,  and even the life expectancy of each person based on their current lifestyle. The final segment is called “The Big Decision”. In this part of the game, the central person must make a final choice between picking one of the two people to “settle down” with. But before the contestant makes that decision, Williams gives a comparison of lifestyles between the contestant and each potential mate based on the past and present behaviors of both. The central person and his/hers person of choice will win a getaway trip at the end of the show.

Before I begin my review, I find it interesting that GSN hired talk show hosts to emcee their original “dating-type” game shows (Sherri Shepherd from The View hosting The Newlywed Game, Jerry Springer from The Jerry Springer Show hosting Baggage, and Wendy Williams from The Wendy Williams Show hosting Love Triangle) because of their outgoing personality and their popularity among today’s audience. That was a smart move by GSN in order to acquire more viewers because of their familiarity with the celebrities hosting these shows.

And now, for the review…

Like Baggage, each episode of Love Triangle is always filled with new twists and surprises that will surely keep you entertained and never gets old to watch. This show also reminds of a few other shows like Baggage, 3’s a Crowd, and Hot Seat; “The Past” segment reminds me of Baggage in terms of revealing surprising facts about each person that the central person had no knowledge of, the aspect of which of the two lovers knows more about and who is more compatible with the central person reminds me of 3’s a Crowd (except Love Triangle is more tolerable to watch), and the polygraph used on the show reminds me of Hot Seat. Speaking of lie detectors, my favorite part of watching Love Triangle is the Trustbuster segment. The Trustbuster segment is an interesting aspect of the show and a key component in the show, ultimately deciding who the central person will choose based on how truthfully the two lovers answer the questions. I have even seen some of the central people on the show base their decision solely on the outcome of the Trustbuster. I also find it interesting that almost all Trustbuster sessions ends with the central person asking both lovers “Are you in love with me?” Love Triangle also delves into the sexual relationships of each person on the show, but not too focused or terribly explicit with the topic. The only criticism I have about the show is that “The Past” segment is too short. I feel like this segment could have fit in two more past facts about each of the two lovers.

Wendy Williams is the perfect candidate for a show like Love Triangle, always livening up the show with her humor, excitement, and vivacity. Williams likes to get in-depth and personal with each person and engages them in a relaxed and easy-going conversation on the show, similar to Chuck Woolery’s style on Love Connection. At the end of each brief interview, you feel like you are somewhat a part of that person’s life for the thirty minutes the show is on and you have compassion for the person if they get turned down by the central person or if things don’t swing their way. What I also like about Wendy Williams hosting the show is that she is not afraid to express her opinion and how she really feels about certain situations, scenarios, and the decisions each person makes about their relationship with the central person.

Overall, Love Triangle is a terrific dating game show that presents a new concept that is enjoyable to watch (unlike 3’s A Crowd). I am always surprised by the outcome of which of the two lovers the central person chooses as the one they want to continue their relationship with. On a quick side note, if you are man and you are one of the two lovers that decide to go on the show, don’t try to propose to your lover/girlfriend while she is making her decision during “The Final Decision” segment of the show. I have seen two episodes in which the guy who proposed to the one woman choosing was rejected because the woman was not ready to make that big of a commitment, especially in front of the hundreds of thousands of viewers watching the show. As I have stated previously in this review, Love Triangle is filled with twists and turns, and shocks and surprises that makes every episode entertaining to watch.

Watch Love Triangle Weeknights at 7:00, 9:30, and 11:00pm EST on GSN!
**All screenshots have been taken from the actual episodes of Love Triangle. No ownership is implied.**

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wendy is a great host but who selects the wardrobe. Many outfits do not compliment knock knees


  2. I'm not sure who selects her wardrobe.


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