"Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show" Review

Set Design- 7
Gameplay- 8
Show Flow- 8
Potential Viewer Ratings- 6
Play-Along Factor- 1
Host- 7
Overall Rating- 6.2

Premise: The show begins with four contestants competing against each other in a series of extreme physical challenges. The contestant who performs the worst in each round will be eliminated from the game. In some rounds, the contestant who does the best will win an obscure prize package. The last contestant standing in the third and final round will in the $10,000 grand prize.

And now, the review…

If this review may seem to be shorter in comparison to most of my reviews, it’s because I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this show. It has the look and appeal of a game show that should have been picked up and aired on MTV or Spike TV, rather than a network like TBS. Aside from the physical comedic element, this show kind of sticks out like a sore thumb on the Ted Turner-owned network. With this being said, Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show is decent at best for a game show. In a way, it’s similar to MTV2’s numbNuts: a fusion between Fear Factor and Jackass. The stunts used on the show are extremely ridiculous, dangerous, sometimes disgusting and exactly one would expect to see on a show hosted by a former Jackass co-star. As host, Bam Margera is a good host and his “co-hosts” add more of a crazy and chaotic dynamic to the show. As perilous as the stunts are, I like how the production crew and professional stuntmen put “safety first” in mind when developing these physical challenges for the contestants to take on, as well as adding a “Do not try at home” disclaimer at the top of the show. As far as the actual gameplay is concerned, the format is solid, but nothing that makes it overtly stand out from other extreme stunt game shows, other than the juxtaposing presence of Burton Richardson announcing the “prizes” the contestants could win in certain rounds.

Overall, I think Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show will only last for one season. I say this with hesitancy because I can potentially see this show being paired with Deal With It in the future. There are certain elements that make this show enjoyable to watch including its 30-minute format, a respectable $10,000 grand prize at stake and the physical comedy aspect of people “wiping out”. After all, the latter aspect is what’s kept Wipeout on the air for nearly six years. With that being said, I still believe this show will not being renewed for a second season.  As I have stated before, there’s not much that makes this game show unique to give the average viewer an incentive to stay tuned throughout the season.

Watch new episodes of Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show Monday nights at 10:30pm ET on TBS!
**All screenshots have been taken from the actual episodes of Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show. No ownership is implied.**

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