"Webheads" Review

Set Design- 6
Gameplay- 6
Show Flow- 10
Potential Viewer Ratings- 7
Play-Along Factor- 9
Host- 7
Overall Rating- 7.5

Premise- Webheads is the newest Nickelodeon game show where four contestants are engaged in a series of three physical and mental elimination challenges based on the viral videos they see. The three front game rounds include “Buffering…”, where contestants predict the outcome of the ending of four videos, “Memory Overload”; where contestants answer questions pertaining to the contents of three videos while being placed on a moving apparatus; and “Moment of Impact”, where the contestants’ timing will be put to the test by watching up to three videos and buzzing-in on each videos’ “moment of impact”. The sole surviving contestant will play the “Trending Now” bonus round and will have to place four panels representing four videos shown previously in the show ranking order from least popular to most popular while running through “The Spinning Wheel of Doom”. The ranking is based on the studio audience poll and if the contestant can guess the correct order in 90 seconds or less, he/she will win the day’s grand prize (usually a trip) and will get slimed in the Surf The Web area. All the other eliminated contestants will leave with consolation prizes and will get sprayed with water in the Surf The Web area.

Webheads is, undoubtedly, a game show specifically designed for today’s generation of millennial kids. I applaud the producers of this show for making a good attempt of combining the sedentary and often mind-numbing activity of watching viral videos with physical and mental challenges as well as ensuring its young audience viewers to not attempt the crazy stunts shown on some of the videos by inserting a “Warning” disclaimer at the top of the show. With this being said, it’s not the best kids game show Nickelodeon has produced. If I were to place this show on list ranking the New Millennium Nick game shows from the most to the least favorite, Webheads would be placed in the bottom tier along with the 2002 version of Wild and Crazy Kids. Although it its not one of favorites, I will get the producers their due for their creativity for developing the show’s stimulating gameplay. This game successfully tests the kids’ quick reflexes, multitasking skills, physical agility, intuition and judgment. In fact, two of the rounds remind me of the similar games that were played on Think Fast, the early 90’s Nick game show that is most widely known for challenging its contestants with games that require mental and physical quickness. I have also noticed this Webheads shows a lot of similarities to BrainSurge including the use of three elimination rounds, title cards to announce for each round, a 90-second bonus round and finding ways to get contestants messy whether they win or lose. As host, Carlos PenaVega is doing a respectable job of carrying the show. His youth and easy-going nature relieves any tension or nervousness the kid contestants may feel while they are on the show.

The only problems I have with the show are the set and the bonus round. First, the set could have been better designed to represent the show’s technological, Internet theme, similar to what Click did during the mid 90s for its computer-focused motif. Second, a better bonus round could have been created by using the Surf The Web area, instead of The Spinning Wheel of Doom prop that looks aesthetically out of place by comparison. With the Surf The Web area, a more difficult Memory Overload round could have been played for the end game and the contestant would have to answer questions pertaining to details in all the videos of the day while being distracted with trying to balance on the surfboard while water is being sprayed on them to make it more difficult to keep a steady balance on the board.

Overall, even though Webheads is an “okay” game show compared to the channel’s wide list of memorable original game shows it has aired in the past. I believe it is good enough for a second season renewal, at the very least.

Check out new episodes of Webheads weekdays at 6:00pm on Nickelodeon!
**All screenshots have been taken from the actual episodes of Webheads. No ownership is implied.**  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this show and Carlos PenaVega is an awesome host. I've noticed that he does try to make the contestants feel at ease. This show is gonna be around for awhile and the web is trending now. I love the “Slime Wave”. So cool!


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