Quick Review of "Sports Jeopardy!"

The latest Jeopardy! spinoff, hosted by veteran sportscaster Dan Patrick, plays similarly to the original version. The only differences between the two shows are the contestants playing for points in the game, the winner of the game receives $5,000 while second and third place earns $2,000 and $1,000, respectively; there are four clues per category and they are valued at 250, 500, 750 and 1000 (500, 1000, 1500, 2000 in Double Jeopardy!). The season’s three highest scoring players return to compete in the two-game Championship Match at the end of the season where the winner receives $50,000.

As far as Jeopardy! spinoffs go, I would rank Sports Jeopardy! over Rock and Roll Jeopardy! and the short-lived kids game show, Jep!. Since I don’t have a lot to say about the show because it doesn’t completely deviates from the original show, I’m just simply going to briefly list the pros and cons of the show:

  • Gameplay essentially remaining the same
  • A well-designed set that fits with the show’s sports theme
  • Post-game interview segment at the end of each episode
  • The top three highest-scoring players returning to the season finale Championship Match gives the viewers an incentive to tune-in each week
  • Dan Patrick’s solid job of hosting the show
  • A satisfying remix of the show’s theme, accompanied by the college marching band version of the Final Jeopardy! think music cue, that is different than the “Rock & Roll” alternative theme that has been overused for years

  • Bad incorporation of sponsorship within the show (the tacky banner advertising the mobile game underneath the game board, Dan Patrick’s introduction segueing to a plug for the mobile game and the “Daily Double” over-the-shoulder graphic cutting to the Buffalo Wild Wings logo and to the clue afterward, rather than better incorporating the sponsor with the DD (e.g.: “Buffalo Wild Wings Daily Double).
  • The show’s pace is a bit slower compared to the original
  • Better arrangement of clues by difficulty (reference to premiere episode,  the “Jennie Finch/Softball” clue in the ‘Discontinued Olympic Events’ category should have been valued less than 2000 points (500 at the most); even Dan Patrick admitted that some of the lesser-valued clues were a little more difficult

Overall, Sports Jeopardy! is a prime example of how spinoff shows should be done — making the proper adjustments where necessary without completely changing the integrity of the original show’s format. If Crackle didn’t pick it up, I can see this show running on FOX Sports One or NBC Sports Network. Because Sports Jeopardy is an excellent sports game show with smart, sports-savvy contestants and it’s relatively cheap to produce, I can see this online game show running for a second season.
Watch a new episode and reruns of Sports Jeopardy! every Wednesday on Crackle!
**All screenshots have been taken from the actual episodes of Sports Jeopardy!. No ownership is implied.**

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