Hasbro & eOne To Develop “Boggle Battle” Game Show

Earlier last week, Entertainment One and Hasbro Studios announced its plans to develop a new game show called Boggle Battle. Created by Cleve Keller and Dave Noll (Chopped, Winsanity) takes the classic word game and puts a unique spin on it to include three trio of teams engage in a series of elimination rounds while testing their pop culture knowledge. The winner advances to the Super Boggle bonus for a chance to win big prizes. The gameplay takes place on a super-sized, vibrant and colorful version of the Boggle board. Keller and Noll states, “With impressive visuals, new categories and the clock always counting down, Boggle Battle will add a new level of hilarity and excitement to the game show world. Viewers and contestants alike will be stumbling over each other to shout out creative answers while trying to beat the clock.”

Although we have seen Boggle played as a mini-game on Family Night Game, this could be the second time viewers will see an American television version of the shake-and-search word game since 1994 when Boggle: The Interactive Game aired on The Family Channel (now Freeform). While we are awaiting on further developments on Boggle Battle, check out this 1989 episode of a rather interesting Dutch incarnation of Boggle and clips of a pilot of the US version based on the Dutch version and filmed in the Netherlands, hosted by Bill Rafferty, in the videos below.

Sources: BroadwayWorld, YouTube

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