“Candy Crush” Sets World Record For Largest Touch-Screen Display

Less than two weeks out from the series premiere of the new CBS game show, Candy Crush has already hit a remarkable milestone. Yesterday, Guinness World Records officially declared the new series has broken the record for the world’s largest touch-screen display. The massive screens measure 20 feet, 4 and 11/16 inches wide by 25 feet, 9 and 1/16 inches tall, and contain 55 55-inch monitors with 32 cameras capturing the action. Guinness World Records adjudicator Kimberly Patrick presented the award to host Mario Lopez in front of the record-breaking screens.

There have been several game shows and personalities within the genre that have made their way into the Book of World Records in the past few years, including Wheel/Jeopardy! producer Harry Friedman in 2016 (most game show episodes produced), Channel 4’s Countdown in 2014 (most series broadcast for a TV game show), frequent game show contestant David St John in 2014 (most TV quiz show appearances) and Alex Trebek in 2014 (longest-running host of a game show).

Candy Crush features teams of two putting their mental, observational and physical skills to the test by playing a series of rounds based on the popular eponymous mobile game. There is no doubt the immense digital playing fields will play a pivotal role throughout the course of the show. Contestants use devices including suspended scaffolds and cables to help navigate their way through the game and match as many colored candies as possible.

Will this app-inspired game show be a smash hit like FOX’s Beat Shazam or will it quickly and quietly fade into oblivion like HLN’s Keywords? We’ll find out July 9 at 9:00pm ET on CBS. Until then, take a look at Entertainment Weekly’s preview of Candy Crush in the clip below.

Sources: BBC, Express, Guinness World Records, NY Daily News, Variety, YouTube

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