Twitch To Stream “Starcade” Marathon in August

Shout Factory! is scheduled to host the special marathon on the popular video game streaming site in late next month. The channel, ShoutFactoryTV, will stream 123 episodes of the first-ever video game show in a six-day span. The precise date on when the marathon airs should be announced next month. Starcade originally aired from 1982-1984 in syndication on WTBS (now TBS) and had contestants play popular and brand new arcade games for a chance to win prizes including trips, personal robots and even their own upright cabinet arcade game. Mark Richards was the original host until Geoff Edwards took over the helm later in the show’s run.

Earlier this year, Shout! Factory announced it had purchased the rights to develop a Starcade revival. No word yet on the progress of the revival. The original series was created by Jim and Mavis Caruso and JM Production Company.

Sources: Engadget, Twitch

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