VIDEO REPLAY: Three-Way $1 Win + Two-Way $25,000 Win In Showcase Showdown On “The Price Is Right”

What a way to end the 46th premiere week for the long-running CBS daytime game show. Not only were all six pricing games won on Friday’s show, but history was made once again in the Showcase Showdown. Today’s second Showcase Showdown was a truly insane and incredible moment you had to see to believe. After Wilbert Powell, Charlotte Sosebee, and Zacharia Whitaker all spun $1.00 on their first spin, Powell and Whitaker managed to tie again with their lucky $1.00 spins on their bonus turn. A total of $80,000 (Sosebee: $10,000; Powell and Whitaker: $35,000) was given away in the Showcase Showdown alone, making it the most money the show has ever been given away on The Big Wheel in a single episode.

The last time two contestants hit $1.00 on their first spin and land on $1.00 on their bonus spin was on October 6, 1998. A little less than a year ago on October 17, 2016, Cathryn Pursel, Manfed Zimmer, and Jessica Lammott pulled off an incredibly rare three-way $1.00 tie. Who would have thought we would live to see another three-way Showcase Showdown $1.00 tie so soon?

Check out the stunning, silent “wow”ing moment in its entirety in the clip below.

This week also celebrated Drew Carey’s 10th year hosting the show, debuted a new car pricing game called “Gridlock!”, awarded a sundry of bonuses to contestants including winning an additional $10,000 for winning pricing games, and featured all the pricing games that premiered during the Carey era of show on Thursday’s episode.

In case you missed the entire first week of The Price Is Right‘s 46th season, get caught up and watch them all on (while they are still available for free).

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