Top 5 January 2018 Game Show Moments

After entering the first 31 days of the new year, today’s article lists the top five game show moments of the first month of 2018. So far, we’ve seen a couple of Double Showcase wins on The Price Is Right and a couple of streaky champions on Jeopardy! Are they good enough to make the monthly highlight list? Let’s find out… right now.

#5: Shaun Wallace Debuts As New Chaser
The Chase Australia
January 29

Since The Chase debuted on ITV in 2009, the game show that gives civilian contestants a chance to match wits against some of the most clever and intimidating quizzers in the country became an instant hit nationally in the UK and internationally. Currently, eleven countries have adopted their own versions of the award-winning program, including Croatia, the U.S., Germany and Australia. The Australian version premiered in 2015 on Seven Network with Andrew O’Keefe as host and Brydon Coverdale (“The Shark”), Matt Parkinson (“Goliath”), Issa Schultz (“The Supernerd”) acting as the resident Chasers. Later in the show’s run, Mark Labbett (“The Beast”) and Anne Hegerty (“The Governess”) from the UK version joined the cast. Shawn Wallace (“The Destroyer”) is the most recent addition to the rotation of Chasers and played his first game in the Land Down Under late this month. Check out his first Final Chase on The Chase Australia in the clip below.

#4: Gilbert Collins Wins Five Games ($86,201)
January 10-17

Collins, a university administrator from Princeton, NJ, became the first Jeopardy! champion of 2018 to put together an elongated winning streak of at least five games. During his championship run, Collins won over $80,000 and his biggest win came after placing a hefty $16,001 Final Jeopardy! wager during his fifth game and won $32,801 in the process. Take a look at highlights from his performance in the clip below.

#3: Patrick Friel Wins $100,000
January 5

Millionaire started its first week in 2018 on the right foot by finding its first $100,000 winner of the new year.  Thanks to the help of his “Plus One” and turning down the chance of answering his $250,000 question, Friel wrapped up his appearance by taking home the six-figure sum. Take a look at his $100,000 moment in the clip below.

#2: Sherri Davis Wins First Double Showcase of The Year
The Price Is Right
January 26

Any game show or Price Is Right fan can and will tell you that double showcase wins are rare on the long-running daytime game show. Two seasons ago, Lauren Lumpkin was the only double showcase winner and that happened during the show’s epic premiere week for the 44th season. What’s even more rare is for it to happen twice in the same month. Even though Joni Beckham won more in her double showcase win ($63,888), I gave the honor to Davis by virtue of it being the first major win of the year. Take a look at Davis’s excellent bid in the clip below.

#1: Ellen’s Game of Games (Officially) Premieres
January 2

There was no doubt about which moment topped the charts this month. Ellen Degeneres bringing the games featured on her popular and lively daytime talk show to primetime television. There are not enough words to describe how great of a game show Ellen’s Game of Games is for audiences of all kinds. Whether you like a little bit of light trivia, some physical humor or enjoy the comedic presence of Ellen herself, there’s something for everyone in this well-constructed show. Check out one of the sillier games, Blindfold Musical Chairs, in the clip below.

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