Top 5 February 2018 Game Show Moments

Love was in the air and so were great game show moments. Today’s article reviews the top five game show highlights in February. So far this month, we’ve seen a few series and season premieres of new and revived game shows, another pair of double showcase winners on The Price Is Right and great competitive moments from The Chase. Take a look at the list below to see if any of the aforementioned moments were good enough to make it on the monthly list.

#5: Fear Factor Returns For Second Season
February 25

This season of MTV’s Fear Factor is ramping up the intensity and forcing teams to come face-to-face with their personal hell. In upcoming episodes, there will be more episodes  centered around a common fear between all teams and the challenges will be more extreme, painful, gut-wrenching and psychologically nerve-racking. The second season premiere featured contestants conquering their fear of creepy clowns and being buried alive for a chance to win $50,000. Check out a snippet from the episode below.

#4: Sacha and Mary Win £42,999 Against “The Governess”
The Chase
February 22

Teams or solo contestants winning over £20,000 are quite rare on the UK version of The Chase. Thanks to Sacha’s bold decision to go for the higher offer and banking nearly £36,000 for the Final Chase end game, Sacha and Mary’s victory against Anne Hegerty would be worth a handsome sum of £42,999. Despite the duo only placing 18 steps between them and the Chaser, the team still managed to emerge as champions thanks to four successful, crucial pushbacks. Take a look at Sacha’s head-to-head and the Final Chase in the clips below.

#3: Jody Jarmuzek Wins $200,000 Playing “Pay The Rent” During Big Money Week
The Price Is Right
February 23

The highlight of The Price Is Right‘s sixth “Big Money Week” came at the end of the week when Jarmuzek played one of the newer pricing games, “Pay The Rent”, and took home the supersized grand prize of $200,000. This is the second biggest win in the history of Big Money Weeks on the show following last year when Christen Freeman won $210,000 and became The Price Is Right‘s biggest daytime winner playing “Cliff Hangers”. Check out Jarmuzek’s incredible win in the clip below.

#2: Rob Worman Becomes First $100,000+ Champion
February 14-22

Worman, an escalation manager from Edina, MN, started his championship run by achieving his first runaway game by holding an insurmountable lead over his opponents heading into Final Jeopardy! in his first appearance. He would rack up two more runaway games before and more than $133,000 before his streak ended in his seventh game.We will more than likely be seeing him again in the next Tournament of Champions. Check out highlights from Worman’s run in the clip below.

#1: Brooke & Kirk Spangler Become The Wall‘s Biggest Winners
February 5

This month’s top honor goes to the father/daughter team from Belfast, NY who became instant millionaires on the altruistic NBC game show thanks to their luck, knowledge and nerves of steel. Although Kirk was tempted with a guaranteed $95,000+ offer, he believed his daughter would deliver and his intuition literally paid off in a record-breaking seven-figure sum for the young series. Check out the million-dollar moment in the clip below.

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