BUZZR Celebrates Third Anniversary With Live Streaming Channel For The First Time

Starting at midnight, the FremantleMedia-owned network honors the digital network’s third year on air by live streaming its channel for the first time on Viewers (like myself) who don’t receive BUZZR on their local station will now be able to watch the channel and all of classic game show glory online and across multiple viewing devices.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating our third anniversary by offering a simulcast of BUZZR on the network’s website for the first time,” said Mark Deetjen, general manager of BUZZR. “BUZZR will be the only game show network available via live stream, and we can’t wait to allow even more of America to experience the very best in vintage game shows.”

Since BUZZR launched on June 1, 2015, the network now broadcasts to more than 70% of U.S. households, is available in 67 broadcast markets, including the top ten media markets, and broadcasts nationwide to all DISH customers on channel 245. The network has regularly aired classics, including Sale of The Century, Supermarket Sweep, Password Plus, I’ve Got A Secret, Body Language, Let’s Make A Deal and Press Your Luck. Viewers were also treated to watching unaired rare pilots like Body Talk, Star Words, TKO and Family Feud Challenge for the very first time and caught a unique inside glimpse on some of your favorite game shows and emcees on the network’s documentary Game Changers.

Although BUZZR has its own live streaming channel on Twitch, this is the first time the network will be simulcast online as Deetjen stated. Stay tuned for the special event tomorrow on!

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  1. Londa says:

    Buzzer is a fairly good network that suffers with an extreme overdose of Gene Rayburn. His inuendos and sexist comments become very tiresome when so many episodes of Match Game air every day!!


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