Kardashians Vs. Wests On “Celebrity Family Feud” Season Premiere + A Quick Interview With Steve Harvey

At long last we will finally have a chance to see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s family compete against Kris Jenner and the Kardashians on the fourth season premiere of Celebrity Family Feud this Sunday at 8:00pm ET. The primetime spinoff of the leading game show in syndication leads the pack for ABC’s Sunday Fun and Games game show block.

Kris, Mary Jo Shannon, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Cici Bussey and Jonathan Cheban represents the Kardashian family while Kanye, Kim, Kim Wallace, Jalil Peraza and Ricky Anderson represent the West family. Competing for the entire hour, Both teams are playing for a chance to win up to $25,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Steve Harvey gave us a glimpse of how the episode would play out during his appearance on Ellen a couple months ago and how Kim Kardashian West’s game performance didn’t exactly impress him.

I also had the privilege of interviewing Harvey about the new season of Celebrity Family Feud and some of his most memorable moments after hosting Feud for nearly a decade.

In the past three seasons the show has been on the air, what were some of your favorite match ups?

Harvey: Well, I don’t know that it’s the match ups. It’s just for me – “Celebrity Family Feud” – it just gives me a chance really to either meet or get reacquainted with people that I’m like huge fans of – you know – like Penny Marshall from Laverne & Shirley – you know that was big for me you know – and NBA legends on Kareem Abdul Jabar, Ralph Samson. You know, that’s what it is for me. It’s not really the match up. I have no vested interest in who wins the game. A lot of these people are rich, so $25,000 is not going to move the needle for them but it does help their charities.

So just for me, it’s like a kid in the candy shop. I get to meet like celebrities who I never get to meet because I’m usually the only celebrity on “Family Feud”. Everybody’s usually glad to meet me, so finally I get a chance you know to reverse the tables and I’m glad to meet some of them.

I know earlier you stated that you were sort of impressed with meeting Betty White and Penny Marshall. Are there any more celebrity teams who you will want to see on the show that haven’t made a previous appearance?

Harvey: Yes, I want Tiger Woods on the show. I want Tiger Woods on the show. I want LeBron and his family on the show. I’d love to have Anthony Anderson and his mother back on the show because his mother gave the best answers of anybody and I’ve known – because I used to play dominos with Anthony Anderson’s mother. Her answers are so hood-related; it just gives me joy. I can’t wait to go down there because of her answers because Anthony Anderson’s mother is actually my aunt playing “Family Feud”.

When you first started hosting Feud back in around 2009, were there any difficulties or obstacles that you had encountered given the fact that you were sort of transitioning from the world of standup comedy to the game show world now, especially hosting a show as prestigious as Family Feud is on American television?

Harvey: Well, you know it was a bit challenging because “Family Feud” had been done the same way for so long it just wasn’t having the success that it had when Richard Dawson was there and they tried a lot of hosts.

And so the numbers when I took over the show I think was like a 1.2/1.4 something like that. And so when they saw the way I was doing the show – you know before the show airs you tape it and then it airs later. Well oh my gosh, he can’t say this. 

You know like they were having meetings with me saying you can’t say that to a family member, they gave the answer; you’re making fun of the answer. Well, I mean what you want me to do? I just asked you “Name your favorite pet.” and you said a gorilla. Now, who has a gorilla sitting in their house somewhere?

So now, I’m all stuck on where you keeping this gorilla and can anybody come to your house and visit with a gorilla sitting over there? So now they would have meetings with me going well Steve did you spend too much time talking about the gorilla? No, it’s ridiculous.

It’s first of all it’s not going to be one of the top six answers or eight answers on the board because – hell – ain’t nobody got no gorilla as no pet. Now why you saying gorilla is beyond me and there was a lot of discussions about that. But what they found out after the show started airing was people at the house – see what’s made this show really successful is I manage to say what people at the house are thinking.

That’s the key to the success of this show. Because I know people at the house are going “What the hell did he just say?” So I use my face to say “What the hell did you just say?”

And then I produce some follow up questions and that’s why the question and answer period of the show is only 90 seconds. The rest of it is the interaction between me and each one of the family members and that’s what makes the show a hit. So my comedic skills that I brought to the table won’t allow me to allow you to just say anything and I turn to see if it’s up on the board. No man, I can’t do that.

The comedian in me has to discuss your answer but that’s been a big success of the show. So finally they caught on and thank God the executive producer of the show, Gaby, she went “No, let him do it this way. We got a 1.4. Let him do it this way.” But, we don’t got a 1.4 no more.

Check out a couple of previews of Sunday’s show and make sure you stay tuned for the season premiere of Celebrity Family Feud June 10 on ABC!

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