Top 5 June 2018 Game Show Moments

After a fun-filled and relaxing Fourth of July weekend, it’s time to take a quick (albeit late) look at a few top game show moments in June. This month marked the return of network summer game shows, including ABC’s awesome Fun & Games lineup and FOX’s two hit seasonal series, Beat Shazam and Love Connection. June was also a treat for nostalgic millennials thanks to Nickelodeon reviving Double Dare. Find out if any of these shows made the monthly list in the countdown below.

#5: Nicole Guarino Wins Double Showcase
The Price Is Right
June 4

This was a huge season for America’s longest-running daytime game show regarding the copious amount Double Showcase wins. Guarino’s $58,000+ win marks the eight Double Showcase win of the 46th season, racking up more Double Showcase wins this season than the past two seasons combined. Check out the latest big win in the clip below.

#4: Luigi Altidor Sweeps Winners Circle With $150,000 Win
The $100,000 Pyramid
June 17

I know it’s early in the season, but this might be the best episode in the third season of ABC’s revival of The $100,000 Pyramid. Over $210,000 was given away on the show, including Altidor winning $150,000 in the first game and Lindsay Bayer winning $61,500 in the second game. In fact, Bayer was one penalized clue away from winning $150,000 as well. Altidor became the third contestant in this series of Pyramid to win the maximum total.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.35.56 AM


#3: Donna & Ryan Beats Shazam For $1 Million
Beat Shazam
June 26

The divorced couple seemed like match made in heaven for this show as they became the second team in the series’ short history to win the million-dollar top prize. After winning a barnburner of a front game, Donna and Ryan advanced to the bonus round to beat Shazam and did just that, thanks to Donna boldly stepping up to take on the final song of the game, “Soak Up The Sun”, and absorbed $1 million in the process. Check out the team’s million-dollar moment in the clip below.

#2: Nickelodeon Revives Double Dare 
June 25

The highly-anticipated return of one of the greatest kids game shows ever did not disappoint. The series made a huge comeback to Nickelodeon with a revamped primetime version of the classic set, reverting to its original 1986 main game format with more money at stake and the team of YouTube star Liza Koshy and former Double Dare host Marc Summers uniting to host the series. I will write more about the excellent Double Dare revival in my upcoming review. Until then, check out a few of the funniest moments from the show’s first week in the clip below.

#1: Hooman Vojdani Wins €1 Million
Die Millionenshow (Austrian version of Millionaire)
June 4

Although its been more than 15 years since the U.S. version crowned a pure million-dollar winner, Die Millionenshow managed to find its latest big money winner early last month. Vojdani became the show’s latest grand prize winner in nearly three years. Since the show premiered in 2001, 20 contestants have won the top prize, which has fluctuated from €1 million on the regular version to €100,000 on the Junior Specials to €75,000 on the celebrity specials. Vojdani is the eighth civilian contestant to win the coveted €1 million. Check out his incredible win in the clip below.

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