So Many New Game Shows – So Little Time: June Game Show Watch List

With BattleBots kicking off its new season in an amazing fashion last night on Discovery with a two-hour premiere that did not disappoint, it’s time to take a relatively brief look at most of the game shows making their series and season debuts this month. I cannot overstate how exciting this week is for casual and unapologetically ardent game show fans. The healthy abundance of game shows set to air this summer is similar to rebirth of daytime game shows with healthy cash prizes in 1972, the return of big-money primetime game shows in the 2000s and the comeback of classic game shows in 2016. Ten game shows are scheduled to hit the airwaves this week alone. This is going to be a wonderful summer for television. Check out the previews for each show below.

Celebrity Family Feud (ABC)
June 9 at 8:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… The show’s fifth season featuring more stars competing with their families for charities including Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Terry Crews and Boris Kodjoe and Terry Bradshaw.

The $100,000 Pyramid (ABC)
June 9 at 9:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… More exciting big money moments and excellent wordplay for the fourth season of the Pyramid revival that would put a smile on Bob Stewart’s face.

To Tell The Truth (ABC)
June 9 at 10:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… More impostors, impressive feats displayed by contestants and incredible celebrity guest stars including Snoop Dogg doing their best to separate fact from fiction.

Best Ever Trivia Show (Game Show Network)
June 10 at 4:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… Sherri Shepherd host the new game show which pits civilian contestants against trivia giants who you may have seen flex their wide range of general knowledge on game shows such as Jeopardy!, Millionaire and the American version of The Chase. These contestants have a chance to not only win $10,000, but also become a returning champion and possibly join the ranks of the trivia elites as a panelist in future episodes.

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (Nickelodeon)
June 10 at 7:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… Brand new students, a brand new format, a brand new host with WWE superstar John Cena and a $100,000 top prize – the largest cash prize ever offered in Nickelodeon game show history – in the third revival of 5th Grader. You can check it out for yourself in the full episode of the premiere below.

Press Your Luck (ABC)
June 12 at 8:00pm ET (Sneak Peek: June 11 at 10:00pm ET)

Keep An Eye On… Literally EVERYTHING about this revival of the greatest high-stakes, high-risk, competitive game show ever devised, including the all-new million-dollar bonus round which I believe will flow well with the new hourlong format. I know diehard fans of the show will appreciate this revival more than Whammy! or Gameshow Marathon.

Card Sharks (ABC)
June 12 at 9:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… Joel McHale take the reins of this ABC revival of card-flipping, casino-themed game show, formerly fronted by Jim Perry and Bob Eubanks, where more than $500,000 could be won by a turn of a card.

Deal or No Deal (CNBC)
June 12 at 9:00pm & 10:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… More contestants going head-to-head with The treacherous Banker and 26 cases which hides the coveted and ever-elusive million-dollar prize. Take a look at the first few minutes of the second CNBC premier of Deal or No Deal in the clip below.

Match Game (ABC)
June 12 at 10:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… Alec Baldwin and the rest of the stars match wits with the contestants for $25,000 on the fourth season of Match Game.

Awake: The Million Dollar Game (Netflix)
June 14

Keep An Eye On… Netflix’s first-ever shiny floor game show that makes Game Show Network’s Cram look like a walk in the park. Comedian James Davis hosts this sleep deprivation game show which engages contestants who haven’t slept in 24 hours in a series of physical and mental challenges for a chance to become a millionaire. You can check out other game show titles including Jeopardy!, Idiotest, Emogenius, Flinch and Ultimate Beastmaster on the on-demand streaming site.

Holey Moley (ABC)
June 19 at 8:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… Comedian Rob Riggle and ESPN’s Joe Tessitore call the action on the network’s newest obstacle course game show, produced by NBA superstar Stephen Curry, that creatively combines mini-golf with Wipeout. 

The Wall (NBC)
June 19 at 8:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… Host Chris Hardwick help more couples and tandem teams take on the towering Wall for a chance to win millions of dollars in cash in this life-changing game show.

Spin The Wheel (FOX)
June 20 at 9:00pm ET

Keep An Eye On… This massive money, pop culture game show hosted by Dax Shepard where contestants are given 16 spins on The Big Wheel and could win over $23 million if everything “spins” their way. This new primetime game show looks like the classic lottery game show The Big Spin on steroids.

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