“Master Minds” Debuts April 6 on Game Show Network

Formerly titled as Best Ever Trivia Show, this Game Show Network original series returns for its second season in its recently renovated format Monday, April 6 at 4:00pm ET on Game Show Network. New title aside, the biggest changes to the trivia game show include Brooke Burns (Dog Eat Dog, The Chase) replacing Sherri Shepherd as host and the trio of trivia experts are now actively competing against the contestants and against each other.

These three huge changes have undoubtedly improved the show overall and surprisingly addressed a major issue I had with the series’ bafflingly minimal interaction with the trivia experts in each episode.

This season’s starting lineup of trivia experts are game show legend Ken Jennings – the undisputed greatest Jeopardy! champion of all time, tutor and writer Muffy Marracco – who has appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Chase and is ranked among the top 20% of players in the World Quizzing Championships, and world class chess master Jonathan Corbblah – who has competed on Wheel of FortuneThe ChaseWho Wants To Be A Millionaire and Jeopardy!.

Stay tuned for the new season Monday afternoon! In case you don’t have Game Show Network or miss the premiere, check out a full episode of the revamped trivia game show in the video below and watch Master Minds weekdays at 4:00pm ET.

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