“The Chase” (2021 ABC Version) Review

Set Design- 7Gameplay- 6Show Flow- 9Potential Viewer Ratings- 8Play-Along Factor- 10Host- 5Overall Rating- 7.5

“Beat The Chasers” Review

Set Design- 10 Gameplay- 9 Show Flow- 10 Potential Viewer Ratings- 10 Play-Along Factor- 10 Host- 10 Overall Rating- 9.8

Quarantine Catch-Up: “Catch 21” (2019 Revival) Rapid Review

This marks the second time in the cable network’s 26-year history that Game Show Network has revived a series from its own library of original programming. Their first revival aired about nine years ago with the 2011 Bill Engvall reboot of Lingo in an attempt to replicate the success of the show’s original five-season run…