“Deal or No Deal” Review (2018 CNBC Version)

Set Design- 10Gameplay- 7Show Flow- 7Potential Viewer Ratings- 7Play-Along Factor- 4Host- 9Overall Rating- 7.3

“Deal or No Deal” Returns December 5 on CNBC

The revival of the once-popular primetime game show debuts later this year with Howie Mandel returning as host. The upcoming 30-episode season, which is currently filming new shows in its new location in Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., retains several elements from the original NBC version and includes a few new twists.

CNBC To Revive “Deal or No Deal”

Owned by NBCUniversal, the business-centric network is planning to bring back the big money, briefcase-laden game show with Howie Mandel returning as host. According to CNBC, the game show will be recreated with the same high energy and enthusiasm as the original but with intriguing new twists. The latest incarnation of Deal or No Deal will be…

"Deal With It" Review

Set Design- 10 Gameplay- 7 Show Flow- 7 Potential Viewer Ratings- 3 Play-Along Factor- 2 Host- 7 Overall Rating- 6.0