One-On-One Spotlight Interview: "Family Game Night" Host Todd Newton On Fourth Season

As you may have already known (if you have read my last article), The Hub’s hit game show Family Game Night will be a returning for its fourth season this Sunday. Along with new episodes, this season will also bring new games for the competing families to play. Thanks to the people at The Hub Network, once again, I had the chance to interview the show’s host, Todd Newton, concerning what the viewers can expect for the upcoming season and what he has been doing during the show’s offseason. Check out the interview below and enjoy!

Dexter Johnson: What have you been doing between seasons?

Todd Newton: I’ve actually been out on the road hosting the live-stage version of The Price Is Right […] and I released my second book earlier this year, and just have been enjoying time with my kids, being a dad.

DJ: Can you tell me more about your second book?

TN: Yeah, the second book is called “The Choice Is Yours”. It’s a book version of my more popular keynote presentations that I do for corporations and colleges around the country. It’s basically the six steps that I’ve learned along the way that most of the successful people utilize in their daily lives. So, I try to share those with readers and with the audiences of my keynote.

DJ: Sounds like a very good read. Now, I have received some information about four new games that will be introduced this season. Could you tell me more about them?

TN: Sure! I think the big one that everyone is talking about is Jenga and we have a life-sized Jenga tower and big ol’ Jenga blocks and families are rushing, racing against the clock, racing against each other to keep the giant from falling. Monopoly Remix is another popular game that keeps viewers on the edges of their seats. We also have revamped Yahtzee (it’s no longer Yahtzee Bowling) and we incorporated modern technology, which makes the game more exciting and interactive as well. And finally,we did Barrel of Monkeys this time, where we actually have large, purple barrels decorating our set with giant trees behind us, in which you have to strategically hang rows of monkeys from. So, it’s getting pretty exciting here in season four.

DJ: Right, and I’ve noticed that in the clips I’ve viewed so far. Did you assist in anyway in creating the newer games this season?

TN: No, no; the creation comes solely from the minds of the good folks at Hasbro and The Hub. I wish I could take credit for this game, but I cannot.

DJ: Well, they did a terrific job on them. Of the four new games, which one is your favorite?

TN: Oh man. You know, it’s really hard to tell. I guess of the new ones (it’s hard to pick a favorite), but if there was one I wish I could get out there and play, it would be Jenga. That one seems the most exciting to me.

DJ: Besides the addition of the new games, will there be anymore changes we can look forward to in the upcoming season?

TN: Yeah, we’re giving more families the opportunity to play, bringing more families from out of crowds for each game. It’s very “Price Is Right”, as far as keeping everybody engaged throughout the entire hour.

DJ: This will be your fourth year hosting Family Game Night on The Hub, and in between that time, you’ve made several accomplishments including winning a Daytime Emmy Award, publishing your first book, to name a few. Where do you see yourself four years from now?

TN: Four years from now, I feel like it’s impossible to say. If you look at the world, it’s constantly changing. Obviously, my first priority of my life is being a father– being the best human being I can possibly be. Professionally, I want to be the best game show host I can possibly be. I’m very positive about where game shows are heading; I’m very optimistic. [There are] a lot of new ones coming down right now. I would just really love to continue to grow in both personally and professionally. I think that’s all any of us can realistically hope to do.

I hope you have enjoyed this interview and stay tuned for the fourth season premiere of Family Game Night on August 18 at 7:00pm EST on The Hub Network! Check your local listings.

Photo Credits: The Hub

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