New “Millionaire Hot Seat Super Game” Format To Debut January 23

In an effort to recapture its ratings dominance from Seven Network’s The Chase, Millionaire Hot Seat is set to expand its format from a half-hour to an hourlong series. The new format will also bring about new changes to the Nine Network show. “The original Who Wants To Be A Millionaire went for eight years, then we came back with this show eight years ago, so it’s the right time to give it a bit of a shake-up”, says host Eddie McGuire. Listed below are the changes coming to the recently revised game show.

  • Contestants play two rounds of Fastest Finger First
  • Winner is awarded $500 and plays for $1 million
  • Winning contestant has option to trade $500 for one of three lifelines (Swap the question, Ask a friend in the audience, 50:50)

Since Hot Seat premiered in 2009, the show has given away more than $39 million. Last year, Edwin Daly became the show’s first contestant to win the $1 million top prize. Will we see another contestant replicate Daly’s success under the new format? We’ll find out soon enough and stay tuned for the debut of Millionaire Hot Seat Super Game next Monday at 5:00pm on Nine Network.

Sources: Central Queensland News, YouTube

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