NBC Orders “5 Gold Rings” Pilot Based On ITV Format

This morning, the network has announced its decision to greenlight a pilot episode of 5 Gold Rings based on the UK format developed by Possessed (part of ITV Studios) and Talpa. The US adaptation will be produced by ITV Entertainment. The game is played on an interactive LED floor and teams must answer questions against the clock while placing the five gold rings within the proximity of the correct answer. As the game progresses, the questions get tougher and the rings get smaller. Each incorrect answer costs a team a ring and the team with the most rings after five rounds wins the game. The show is also developing a play-along app for home viewers.

While the US edition of the new series is still in the works, more details have emerged from the original UK program. 5 Gold Rings will debut this year with Phillip Schofield (The Cube, You’re Back In The Room) as host and the winning team could win a maximum grand prize of £25,000. The format has recently premiered in the Netherlands on SBS6, as shown in the screenshot above. Check out a full episode of the Dutch edition of the show with two pairs of teams playing for up to €25,000 on SBS6’s website.
Sources: Deadline Hollywood, ITV, SBS6

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