“The $100,000 Pyramid” To Hold Open Casting Calls + Quick Q&A with Casting Director Melissa Miron Stewart

Starting in a couple of weeks, ABC’s The $100,000 Pyramid kicks off its first-ever open casting call for the new season. Beginning February 7, Pyramid will be holding open contestant auditions in three cities including New York City, Chicago and Atlanta. Check out the flyer posted below and castingpyramid.com for more information. I had a chance to get in contact with a member of the casting crew for the series and ask a few questions pertaining to what it takes to become a contestant on The $100,000 Pyramid. Take a look at my brief interview with casting director Melissa Miron Stewart below.

Please explain your casting process in selecting contestants from start to finish.

MMS: Contestants apply through our website (www.castingpyramid.com), and a member of our casting team reaches out to those we think may be a fit with an initial phone call that leads to a Skype interview with some game play. The potentials who we love are submitted to producers and the network for review before being selected to participate on the show.

What three qualities are the most important to you in your decision making in regards to who makes the cut?

MMS: 1. Game play – How sharp are they at the game. Do they remain calm, yet still excitable and engaged?
2. A fun, playful personality – great smile is key!
3. Individuals who feel relatable to others and of course likability

How pleased were you with the contestants’ overall performance last season?

MMS: We had a fantastic group of players for our first season, but we hope to find and produce even more big winners for this upcoming season!

(Bonus) Do you think you would be a good contestant on the show

MMS: I’m pretty sure that after so many auditions, I’d be able to do pretty well if put on the spot, but you’d be shocked at how hard it is when you’re under all of the bright lights, staring a celebrity in the face with 200+ eyes on you!

If you are interested in attending one of the three open casting calls, take these helpful tips to heart and make sure to set a reminder on your calendar for these dates.

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  1. Thanks for the great interview r.e. becoming a contestant on season 2 of the $100,000 Pyramid. As a BiG WiNNER in '88 with Dick Clark at the helm, I've been waiting excitedly for the opportunity to audition & play again. My application is in with my video & lots of hope & practice to WiN BiG in 2017. Good Luck to all who apply & play. What a wonderful opportunity ;-D


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