How To Play “Emogenius”, Premieres June 14 on GSN

GSN’s newest game show Emogenius is set to make its series premiere June 14 at 9:00pm ET. Hosted by Hunter March, from Awesomeness TV, the social media, tech-savvy game show has two pairs of teams face a series of three rounds where they will have to decipher famous names, places, events, TV shows and other pop culture references solely based on the emojis shown on the screen, as shown in the sneak peek promo below. The team with the highest cash total at the end of the third round wins the game and advances to the bonus round to play for the show’s $10,000 grand prize. Today’s article will specifically breakdown how each of the four rounds is played.

UPDATE: GSN has pushed back the premiere date of Emogenius to June 14 at the same time of 9:00pm ET. The show was originally scheduled to air on June 7.

Round 1: Get The Message
Teams view a screenshot of a conversation and have 15 seconds to decode the emoji response based on the context clues from the question in the message above. Correct answers are worth $100 and if a team’s time expires, their opponents have five seconds to solve the same response for $50. Four conversations are played with each team solving two while alternating turns.

Round 2: In-App Purchase
Teams are given a category followed by an emoji-coded clue. If they are stumped by the first clue, they are allowed to make “in-app purchases” and buy up to two more clues. Guessing the puzzle in one clue is worth $300, using two clues is worth $200 and using three clues drops the value down to $100. Teams will have 20 seconds to solve the category. If time expires, the opposing team has five seconds to guess for the remaining value of the category. Similar to the previous round, four categories are played.

Round 3: Hit Send
On each team, one contestant is the clue-giver and has 45 seconds to get their teammate to guess as many words as possible by sending them a message using a keyboard filled with 14 preselected emojis. The emojis change with every new word that appears. Each correct answer is worth $400. The team with the highest total at the end of the round wins the game, keeps their winnings and advances to the bonus round

Round 4: Masters of Text
The end game is similar to the third round except both teammates alternate as the clue-giver. The team has one minute to solve five messages correctly. If successful, the team’s winnings are boosted up to $10,000.

Source: YouTube

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