TBS Revives "The Joker’s Wild" With Snoop Dogg To Host

It looks like revivals are trending upward as each day passes, from the return of hit sitcoms like Will & Grace and Roseanne to ABC’s decision to bring back American Idol for another season. This morning, TBS announced its decision to revive The Joker’s Wild later this year during its annual upfront presentation. The network has tapped Snoop Dogg to host the upcoming game show. Produced by Sony Pictures TV in association with Turner’s Studio T, the revamped version of The Joker’s Wild will be created in Snoop Dogg’s “own casino” with a comedic angle and mini-games will be played in lieu of trivia questions (or definitions if you remember the 90s reboot). Aside from the series’ iconic, enlarged slot machine; playing cards and giant dice will also be introduced in this version.

Snoop Dogg and $100,000 Pyramid host Michael Strahan will serve as the executive producers along with SMAC’s Constance Schwartz-Morin, Snoopadelic Films’ Ted Chung and Vincent Rubino. The Joker’s Wild originally aired on September 4, 1972 with The (New) Price Is Right and Gambit on CBS when “big money” game shows made their triumphant return to daytime television. The series ran through 1986 between CBS and syndication with three different hosts (Jack Barry, Bill Cullen and Jim Peck) and was revived in 1990 in syndication with a slightly altered format fronted by Pat Finn, former host of Shop ’Til You Drop. TBS has attempted to revive classic game shows before including Match Game and The $100,000 Pyramid. Unfortunately, both shows failed to surpass the pilot stages. The Joker’s Wild revival hosted by Snoop Digg will be quite interesting, to say the least. To quote the rapper, when asked about the reboot in a Deadline interview, “Get ready y’all, it’s gonna be a wild ride!”

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the original version, check out the 1972 series premiere of The Joker’s Wild.

Sources: Deadline Hollywood, Forbes, YouTube

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