VIDEO REPLAY: Christina & Steve Become First Million-Dollar Winners on “Beat Shazam”

Last night was quite a historic one for the freshman FOX game show. Four episodes into Beat Shazam‘s first season, viewers had a rare opportunity to watch a team run through the gauntlet of six songs in the final round and become overnight millionaires in the process. After obliterating their opponents in the front game, the team of Christina and Steve entered into to Beat Shazam bonus round with $72,000.

During the end game, the couple faced five songs in five different categories (Motown, alternative, Taylor Swift, one-hit wonders and oldies) and had to give the exact correct title for each. Once the team successfully surpassed the first five songs and earned and extra $125,000 along the way, they were faced with the dilemma of walking away with $197,000 or play the final song for $1 million and potentially lose half their winnings.

Check out the incredible, life-changing moment unfold in the clip below and watch the full episode on

Source: YouTube

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