Quick Review of “Funderdome”

On ABC’s newest summer competitive reality show, a pair of entrepreneurs pitch their inventions to host Steve Harvey and the studio audience. After both contestants present their ideas, the audience votes on which product they believe is better. Before the voting results are revealed, the contestants have a chance to bail out for a lesser amount by stopping a money clock displaying various cash offers. The contestant who receives the majority vote from the studio audience wins a funding cash award ranging between $10,000-$100,000. The runner-up receives nothing, unless they opted to take the bailout offer. Three games are played on each episode.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 11.30.34 PM

If you love reality shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, you will love Funderdome. Funderdome is like a fun and competitive version of Shark Tank. While an inventor’s financial fate lies in the hands of multimillionaire moguls on Shark Tank, Funderdome is more appealing and entertaining show to watch by allowing everyday consumers and customers make big decisions about whose projects receives thousands of dollars in funding. I love watching shows like these to see troves of young and older entrepreneurs conceptualize practical, yet creative ways to solve everyday problems. From homemade, organic beauty products (The V-Smart Bar, Savage Soaps), to quick fixes to help alleviate the pains and headaches of air travel (The Airhook, Soarigami), to products to pamper your pets (Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer, Catzenpup) – we’ve seen some pretty unique inventions so far this season.

In addition to Steve Harvey performing per usual as a fantastic emcee with his humorous and constructive critical commentary on the merchandise, the other interesting aspect that makes this series worth watching is the tense and suspenseful Cash Out portion of the game. To my recollection, I have never seen a bailout segment played as randomized and intense compared to other game shows I’ve seen. The varying clock speeds and fluctuating lower dollar amounts are guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the agonizing, nail-biting round. The surprising kink in the Cash Out is how the contestant who opted not to take the displayed offer is not necessarily guaranteed to walk away with the top prize, further exhibiting how cutthroat and risky this game is and how you must earn everything that is given to you in the daunting and fast-paced world of business.

What makes Funderdome unique is that it solely focused around  the will of the people. Who knows more about the needs and desires of everyday consumers than the hoi polloi of society? At any rate, I believe this show will be renewed for a second season by the network and we’ll have a chance to see more creative concepts, innovated inventions and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Overall Rating- 8.6

Check out the latest episodes of Funderdome on ABC.com and stay tuned for new episodes of Funderdome every Sunday at 9:00pm on ABC!

**All screenshots have been taken from the actual episodes of Funderdome.  No ownership is implied.**

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