(UPDATED) BUZZR To Air Special Marathon Tribute To Monty Hall Saturday, October 7

UPDATE: Due to its positive viewership response, BUZZR will reair its Monty Hall tribute marathon this Saturday from 11:30am until Sunday, October 8 at 2:00am ET. In addition to Let’s Make A Deal and The All-New Beat The Clock, the encore marathon also includes two rare episodes of Tattletales featuring Hall and his wife Marilyn competing on the show.

In remembrance of the multi-talented, legendary game show host, BUZZR will be airing an all-day marathon comprised of episodes from Let’s Make A Deal and The All-New Beat The Clock. The special tribute begins tomorrow morning beginning at 8:00am ET and runs until Wednesday, October 4 at 2:00am ET. The marathon also includes the original 1963 pilot of Let’s Make A Deal, which airs at 8:00pm and once more at 11:00pm ET.

Monty Hall is also best remembered for his philanthropic efforts by raising over $1 billion for several charities throughout his life. If you are interested in carrying on his altruistic legacy, BUZZR will provide information throughout the marathon on how you can donate to UNICEF, a charity specially selected by his family.

Stay tuned for the marathon in a few hours and take a look at one of Hall’s last interviews in the clip below. The interview below aired during BUZZR’s inaugural broadcast on June 1, 2015, the same date the network aired the LMAD pilot for the first time.

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