(UPDATED) “Match Game”, “Family Feud” And Other Classic FremantleMedia Game Shows Now On Amazon Prime

Amazon has recently added a few classic game shows, courtesy of FremantleMedia North America’s BUZZR, to its on-demand digital library through Amazon Video Direct. Match Game, Family FeudPress Your Luck, Tattletales, and Card Sharks are among the shows available for viewing if you have an Amazon Prime membership. Each title currently contains 20 episodes and there is no word yet on whether FremantleMedia is planning to add any more shows to the collection in the future. UPDATE: FremantleMedia has added the following titles to Amazon’s video library: Beat The ClockBlockbustersBody LanguageCard Sharks (Eubanks Era)Child’s Play, Double Dare (CBS 1976)Family Feud (Combs Era), Family Feud (Anderson Era), I’ve Got A SecretMatch Game (1978)Password Plus, Super Password and What’s My Line?. Episodes of the original 1965 ABC version of Supermarket Sweep will be added in the near future.

This is not the first time FremantleMedia has released episodes from its magnanimous game show collection for online streaming. Since the summer, BUZZR has been rolling out episodes of What’s My Line? and To Tell The Truth on its Facebook page and YouTube channel every Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

If you are a Prime member, head to Amazon to start binge-watching these classic titles in the links below!

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