Early Highlights From Dream Car Week on “The Price Is Right”

This has been one of the more exciting beginnings to the high stakes theme week since it debuted in 2013. All this week, The Price Is Right is deviating from its standard of giving away standard vehicles usually worth between $15,000 – $27,000 and is giving contestants a rare opportunity to win Porsches, Ferraris, Maseratis and other expensive, luxury cars worth at least $50,000. This year was a tad different from the rest, however.

The week kicked off with Monday’s show featuring a historic one-bid item up grabs: a 2018 Honda Fit LX. It was the first time The Price Is Right allowed contestants to bid for a car and will more than like be the most expensive prize ever offered in a one-bid round.


In the same episode, contestant Robert Nixon had a chance to win a Maserati Gran Turismo Sport and $50,000 playing “Gas Money”. While Nixon failed to win the car due to bailing out the game with $35,000, he managed to set a new record for the most cash ever won playing the pricing game.


On Tuesday’s show, the dream car game of the day was the newest addition to the pricing game family, “Gridlock!”. The LA bumper-to-bumper traffic-inspired game has contestants attempt to move cars out of a traffic jam by selecting the cars with the correct digits in the price of the car. Tuesday’s edition of “Gridlock!” was played for a Lexus LC 500. Minutes later, Stephanie Nelson became the first-ever contestant to win the pricing game and won a $97,000+ luxury car in the process.

Dream Car Week continues today and Friday with more contestants getting a chance to incredible vehicles. Head to CBS.com to catch up on any episodes you may have missed.

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