“The Price Is Right” To Air Moms Day Out & Halloween Specials This Week

The longtime CBS daytime game show opens the week with back-to-back specials celebrating “Moms Day Out” on Monday and Halloween on Tuesday. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

First, on October 30th, the audience will be filled mothers taking a break from their daily duties to play on The Price Is Right for cash and prizes. As a special treat, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, stars of upcoming film Bad Moms Christmas, will make a special guest appearance on the show to help present prizes and play pricing games for charities. Take a look at a preview of the three stars playing “Plinko” in the clip below.

On October 31st, the show continues the tradition of dressing in a specific theme for their Halloween special. This year, the cast of The Price Is Right transform into The Prize League, a band of superheroes whose main objectives consists of helping ordinary people win thousands in prizes. The motley crew is comprised of Drew Carey as Captain Giveaway, male model James O’Halloran as Ab Man, announcer George Gray as The Plinkster – to name a few. Audiences members also get in on the fun by dressing in various costumes as well. Check out a preview of the special in the clip below.

Stay tuned for both Price Is Right specials on Monday and Tuesday during CBS Daytime. Check your local listings for air times.

Photos and videos courtesy of CBS.

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