GSN’s “Winsanity” Officially Returns For Second Season November 27

After it was announced in March during GSN’s annual upfront presentation that Winsanity would be returning for new episodes, the network is set to debut the second season of the game show that’s all about statistics, fun facts and rankings. The second season of Winsanity debuts Monday, November 27 at 5:00pm ET on GSN. While the show retains Donald Faison as the host, the set and format has been slightly revamped.

This season, two contestants represent half the audience and compete against each other to rank random facts in numerical order. Correct answers add money into the contestant’s bank, which will also be shared with their half of the studio audience. The contestant with the highest total advances to play a timed bonus round by stacking five facts in the correct order without help from the audience. Placing the five facts in correct order wins the contestant $10,000 and the winning half of the audience also splits $10,000. Otherwise, the contestant and their half of the audience split the money won in the front game. Audience members will also have a chance to win additional prizes throughout the show.

In its first season, an audience member was selected to play the four-round game. Placing facts in the correct spots won the contestant and select audience members a prize. If the a contestant placed a fact in the wrong position, another audience member was brought on stage to take over the game. In the fourth and final round, the surviving contestant and an audience member placed the final fact on the board in between nine other numerical facts for a chance to win a new car and split $10,000. Over 13.5 million viewers tuned in to the first 40-episode season.

I’m looking forward to how this version of Winsanity will be executed. I’m glad the producers made the changes (including splitting the audience by sections as I had somewhat suggested in my review) to make the game more competitive and this could be the fix they are looking for to bolster the format while keeping the original premise in mind of being the show that gives several audience members the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prizes. Stay tuned for the season premiere of Winsanity late November on GSN.

Source: BroadwayWorld, Deadline Hollywood

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