Top 5 March 2018 Game Show Moments

Spring has finally arrived and so has the blog’s monthly countdown list. Today’s article highlights some the top game show moments in March. This month brought us a few firsts including the first $100,000 win of the season on Wheel, the first regular-season tiebreaker on Jeopardy! and The Price Is Right‘s first-ever kids week. Find out if those moments made this month’s top five list.

#5: First-Ever Youth Week
March 19-23
The Price Is Right

Although the show has aired individual kids specials before, this was the first time The Price Is Right has hosted an entire week dedicated to kid-themed shows. Monday featured expecting parents, Tuesday featured kids aged 4-9 playing with their parents, Wednesday featured tweens playing on their own, Thursday featured teenagers competing in a special Sweet Sixteen episode for chances to win a new car and Friday featured college students playing pricing games for cash prizes to pay off their tuition. Check out a few highlights from the fun-filled week in the clips below.

#4: Harriet, Richard, Becky and Jim Win £55,000
March 13
The Chase (ITV)

This was one of the rare episodes where the entire team was in great form despite the Chaser’s – Anne Hegerty, in this case – best efforts. With Richard bringing back the heftiest haul of the total prize fund back to the team, thanks to his gutsy decision to go for £40,000 against The Governess, the team played for a bountiful £55,000 jackpot. Check out the team conquer Hegerty in the Final Chase in the clip below.

#3: Genius Junior Premieres on NBC
March 18

This month marked the series premiere of the new NBC game show Genius Junior hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. The tournament-style series has twelve teams of child geniuses compete against each other for a chance to win a grant worth tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. As I have already stated in my review, this is a great game show that brilliantly displays the kids exceptional math, memorization, complex spelling and quick-thinking abilities under the intense pressures of the primetime spotlight and big money at stake. This is going to be a wonderful game show to tune into in the upcoming weeks. Check out a few highlights from the first episode in the clips below.

#2: Brian Chesney Becomes 2018 Mastermind Champion
March 30

After 30 episodes of grueling, intense trivia competition, it all came down to the final six contestants who qualified for the Mastermind grand final. In the show’s 40th regular grand final episode, Brian Chesney, a retired librarian from Worcester, England, emerged victorious as the series champion by dominating his opponents Alfred Williams, Michael Taylor, Ken Morland, Ben Holmes and Kyle Nagendra 32-29-27-24-22-21, respectively. In his three appearances, Chesney selected for his specialty categories the life of Harold Wilson for the qualifying game, the Giordano Bruno novels by SJ Parris for the semifinals and the Revolt of the Netherlands 1568-1909 for the final. Although Chesney was the runner-up in the 2014 grand final to Clive Dunning by virtue of passing too many questions, Chesney redeemed himself this go-round and can now proudly call himself a Mastermind series champion. Check out his full episode in the video below.

#1: Aaron & Kelly Mandell Become First $100,000 Winners of the 35th Season
March 21
Wheel of Fortune

It’s taken half the season, but we’ve have finally found our first $100,000 winners of the 35th season of Wheel of Fortune. The big money moment occurred during the show’s Family Week with the help of Aaron and Kelly Mandell of Whitefish Bay, WI. The Mandells dominated in the front game, the couple advanced to the bonus round to spin and solve their way to a six-figure payday of $127,150. Check out the winning moment in the clip below.

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