“Jeopardy!” 2018 College Championship Begins April 9

For the next two weeks beginning Monday, the veteran answer-question quiz show is set to kickoff its annual tournament featuring 15 of the brightest college students in the nation. This year’s contenders are competing for a chance to win $100,000 and a spot in the next Tournament of Champions.

Here is the tournament schedule and the trio of contestants set to play in the quarterfinals starting Monday, April 9:

Monday, April 9
Josie Bianchi – Stanford University
Sheldon Lewis II – Rochester Institute of Technology
Hannah Sage – University of Central Florida

Tuesday, April 10
Thatcher Chonka – University of Oklahoma
Dhruv Gaur – Brown University
Jordan Goodson – Columbia University

Wednesday, April 11
Rishab Jain – Georgia Tech
William Scott – Tufts University
Caroline Trammell – Furman University

Thursday, April 12
Harry Kioko – University of Chicago
Rebecca Rosenthal – Swarthmore College
Carsen Smith – Vanderbilt University

Friday, April 13
Patricia Jia – University of Pennsylvania
Alli Ross – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Eric Thorpe – Dartmouth College

Monday, April 16
Semifinal Game #1

Tuesday, April 17
Semifinal Game #2

Wednesday, April 18
Semifinal Game #3

Thursday, April 19
Finals Game #1

Friday, April 20
Finals Game #2

Source: Jeopardy.com

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