STAY TUNED: BUZZR Debuts “Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour” With Four-Episode Marathon

Over the past three years BUZZR has grace viewers with its digital presence, I and game show fans across the country have been pleasantly treated with a consistent airing of classic game shows. BUZZR has also surprised us with rare gems, from never-before-seen pilots – like TKO and Body Talk – during the network’s annual “Lost And Found” event to finally having the ability to watch clean episodes of the short-lived 1986 series Strike It Rich on Amazon Prime. BUZZR has been a blessing to viewers who have grown weary of watching Game Show Network continuing to fill its schedule with more modern programming and an exorbitant amount of Steve Harvey’s Family Feud reruns. The Fremantle-owned network continues to surprise its viewers by unveiling episodes of Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour. BUZZR is airing a four-hour marathon of MGHSH this afternoon from 4:00pm-8:00pm ET.

Originally airing from October 1983-July 1984 on NBC, the ambitious hourlong series combined two great legendary, long-lasting game shows into a 60-minute format with Gene Rayburn hosting the Match Game portion and Jon “Bowzer” Bauman hosting the Hollywood Squares portion. While it sounds like a good idea on paper, you will soon see why this NBC axed this show during its first season if you have never seen the show before. Unfortunately, not even the show’s $30,000 top prize could save it from its sudden cancellation – but I digress. Even though this show was a flop, it’s still very interesting to watch. (Fun Fact: This will be the first time Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour has aired on television since its 1984 cancellation.)

Stay tuned for Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour later this afternoon on BUZZR! If you don’t have the channel in your area, check out the network’s live stream on BUZZR’s website or on Pluto TV. Check out a couple of clips from the show below.

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