Holzhauer, Jennings, Rutter Face-Off In Jeopardy’s “Greatest Of All Time” Tournament Starting January 7

The Greatest of All Time tournament begins Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 8:00pm ET on ABC, marking the first time the answer-question game show has aired on the network in primetime since Super Jeopardy! in 1990. Featuring four-time tournament winner Brad Rutter, 74-game champion Ken Jennings, and $2.4 million winner James Holzhauer, three of Jeopardy’s most elite contestants play a series of two-game matches in each hourlong episode and the first to win three matches wins the $1 million top prize. Both runners-up receive a very generous $250,000 consolation prize.

I genuinely cannot find the words to fully express how excited I am for this special Jeopardy! exhibition match. There isn’t an iota of doubt this event will rank among the all-time greatest in Jeopardy’s syndicated history next to the 2014 Battle Of The Decades Tournament, the 2011 IBM Challenge featuring Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings and Watson competing against each other in the man vs. machine matchup, and the 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the brains behind Jeopardy! would plan something like this. I’m mostly surprised by the episode airing this soon. Unlike past tournaments, the GOAT tournament will be a tremendous test of mental endurance considering these legendary champions will play a minimum of six intense and incredibly competitive games.

Even though this airs next year, this tournament comes off the heels of a rather memorable and emotional 2019 for Jeopardy!. This year, fans and viewers experienced the show’s first-ever All-Star Games team draft and tournament, James Holzhauer’s unbelievable record-shattering winning streak, this year’s Tournament of Champions featuring a Finals rematch between Holzhauer and Emma Boettcher (the champion who dethroned Holzhauer) and Alex  Trebek’s ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer throughout the season.

Here is a snapshot of all three competitors’ Jeopardy! accomplishments:

Ken Jennings

  • Won 74 consecutive games (longest winning streak)
  • Runner-Up to Brad Rutter in Ultimate TOC, BOTD and All-Star Games
  • Team captain in All-Star Games
  • Former one-day winnings record holder ($75,000 on July 23, 2004)
  • Grand total during championship run: $2,520,700

Brad Rutter

  • Undefeated against human opponents in match play
  • Won 2001 Tournament of Champions, 2002 Million Dollar Masters, 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions, 2014 Battle of the Decades and 2019 All-Star Games
  • Retired as a 5-time undefeated champion in 2000 with $55,102
  • All-time biggest money winner: $4,688,440
  • Team captain in All-Star Games

James Holzhauer

  • Won 32 consecutive games (2nd longest winning streak)
  • Won $250,000 in 2019 TOC
  • Grand total during championship run: $2,462,216
  • Current one-day winnings record holder ($131,127 on April 17, 2019)
  • Holds top 15 spots for biggest one-day total

You won’t want to miss the Greatest Of All Time Tournament beginning January 7 at 8:00pm ET on ABC! Stay tuned!

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