STAY TUNED: Vanna White Begins Substitute Hosting Duties Today On Wheel Of Fortune

Starting today (or this evening, depending on when the show airs on your local station), longtime letter-turner and co-host Wanna White steps up to helm to temporarily host the popular syndicated game show for three weeks, including Wheel’s Disney Secret Santa Sweepstakes two-week event.

While Wheel was filming its holiday episodes last month, the show alerted its viewers via Twitter that its Thursday, November 8 taping was canceled due to Pat Sajak’s emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. Taping resumed the following day with Vanna White hosting until Sajak recovered from his surgery. The good news is Sajak announced he recovered well the week following his surgery and resumed his regular hosting duties December 5.

This is not the first time Wheel has had a substitute host. White filled in for Sajak during the bonus round on a 1996 College Week episode filmed in San Francisco when he was afflicted with laryngitis. The second time occurred when Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek hosted a special 1997 April Fool’s episode with Sajak and White playing against each other for charity with Leslie Sajak,  Sajak’s wife, turning the letters for the switcheroo show.

White divulged the daunting details about her first-ever, full-time hosting experience in an ABC News interview last week. Check out the interview in clip below and stay tuned for Wheel for the next few weeks as Vanna takes over as host, who will step in as the temporary letter-turner and even for your chance to enter and win the Secret Santa Sweepstakes.

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