Halftime Highlights: Best Game Show Moments From January-June 2017

It’s almost hard to believe we are six months into the 2017. As we enter into the latter half of the year, today’s article takes a look at the best game show moment for each month this year through June. Depending on how the rest of the year plays out, these moments may also rank among TBIR’s annual Top 10 countdown list.

JANUARY (16th): Pointless Reaches 1,000th Episode

Midway through the first month of the new year, the long-running BBC game show celebrated its 1,000 episode. During the special episode, host Alexander Armstrong and co-host Richard Osman switched roles for the day. It was quite the milestone for the longtime daytime program, especially in an era where game shows are not as prominent as they were nearly a half-century ago. The episode was capped off with a £4,500 jackpot win. Check out the show in the clip below.

FEBRUARY (24th): Lilly Chin Wins $100,000 Jeopardy! College Championship 

Whenever the show’s annual College Championship rolls around, it’s typically a toss-up and there aren’t any contestants who prominently stand out from the rest of the competition. That – in part – is what Jeopardy! events like these so exciting. Unlike the Tournament of Champions, we have never seen these clever college students compete before on the show until their first games, thus making it difficult to make early bets on predicting who will win the tournament. However, after watching contestants Lilly Chin from MIT and Viraj Mehta from Stanford dominate in their quarterfinal games, they became instant favorites in the tourney. While both contestants led the pack for the majority of their games, Chin and Mehta struggled in the semifinals.  It wasn’t until the second game of the finals when Chin outscored her opponents Gary Tse, a Wild Card qualifier from the U.S. Naval Academy, and Mehta $20,400-$6,600-$3,600 at the end of the second round. At that point, she clinched the championship and became $100,000 richer. Check out Chin’s path to victory in the clip below.

MARCH (30th): Felicia Gouveia Wins Showcase By $1 on The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right‘s Showcase is well known to many avid fans of CBS’s cornerstone daytime game show for amazing prize packages, incredible Double Showcase wins and heartbreaking double overbids. It’s quite rare to see contestants’ Showcase difference totals within such a nail-bitingly close proximity to each other, as you may have seen on one of the last episodes to air in March. One dollar made all the difference in the world for Felicia Gouveia and helped her end the day with an impressive total of $52,587, including a Chevy Trax LS won playing “Money Game”. Check out her pricing game and Showcase wins the clip below.

APRIL (28th): Harry Freidman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Well-known producer Harry Friedman joined the ranks of other game show personalities such as Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek and Monty Hall, and received the prestigious award at the 44th Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award. Friedman has produced several game shows from successful long-running hits like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! to lesser-known game shows like Caesar’s Challenge. A couple years back, Friedman broke the Guinness world record for the most game show episodes produced. Take a look a Friedman’s interview regarding the honor.

MAY (25th): Ryan Belz Wins $31,500 & Sets Daytime “Plinko” Record

Deciding the top moment in May was a tough one. It came down to this moment and Let’s Make A Deal breaking the record for the world’s largest bowl of cereal. While Let’s Make A Deal‘s Guinness world record-breaking feat is nothing to sneeze at, The Price Is Right gained the edge due to how difficult it was to accomplish. Speaking of records, Belz had broken a nine-year-old daytime “Plinko” record by winning $31,500. The previous record was $30,100 set in December 2007. Take a look at Belz’s win in the clip below.

JUNE (22nd): Christina & Steve Win $1 Million on Beat Shazam

For the first time in the show’s brief history, a team finally struck it rich and won the top prize on Beat Shazam. To win the million, Christina & Steve had to give the exact correct title for six random songs within 2.5 seconds time limit for each. Unlike The Wall or ITV’s Red or Black, it was no easy feat for the couple to win the big bucks considering they had to defeat two other nimble-minded teams in the and play a perfect end game against strict time constraints. Take a look at the incredible moment in the clip below.


Here are a few runners-up that didn’t quite make the cut:

Sources: J! Archive, YouTube

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