Quick Updates For “Candy Crush” and “iWitness”

Beginning next week, these two game shows will make their respective debuts on CBS and in syndication in select cities. Candy Crush premieres Sunday, July 9 at 9:00pm with host Mario Lopez (Extra, Masters of The Maze) and iWitness premieres Monday, July 10 on your local station (depending on where you live) with host John Henson (Talk Soup, Wipeout). Listed below are more detailed rules for Candy Crush and viewers can play-along from the three title mobile games and a link to a brief sneak preview clip of iWitness. UPDATE: The air times for select cities have been posted on Judge Judy’s Facebook page.

Candy Crush

Here’s how the television version of the mobile game is essentially played: four pairs of teams play a series of rounds on giant, world record-breaking touchscreen boards to try to swipe and match as many colorful candy trios before time expires. The top two teams advance to the following round to score 50 matches and play for up to $100,000.

The series premiere features former contestants from two of the network’s popular reality series, Survivor and Big Brother. From Survivor, Kelley Wentworth and Joe Anglim compete against Woo Hwang and Jeremy Collins. Representing Big Brother are season 18’s Paul Abrahamian and Da’Vonne Rogers facing season 16’s Caleb Reynolds and Frankie Grande.

Yesterday, the game’s developer King announced its launch of interactive events for home viewers to play along during the broadcast on Candy Crush apps for in-game rewards. Here are the events viewers will have a chance to participate in for each version of Candy Crush each weekend throughout the 10-episode season:

  • Candy Crush Saga: Players are given four mini-challenges to complete, based on the show’s challenges. Completing a challenge earns players a prize and completing all four win players a treasure chest filled with rewards.
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga: Players decide which of the four teams – which also features the show’s contestants from that week – they want to join. Each team is given a target to collect as many specific candies as possible while playing the game as normal. The winning team earns the right to choose a prize based on the selection of prizes offered.
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga: Players must collect as many cupcakes as possible within a time limit. Successfully completing the task earns players a prize.


Moving on to the Judge Judy-produced game show, John Henson was recently interviewed on a local FOX morning show in New York. The former color commentator on ABC’s Wipeout discussed topics including the basic premise and rules of the game and how working on previous shows like Talk Soup compared to hosting this syndicated show.

On iWitness, three contestants face a series rounds that tests their memory and observational skills by viewing various clips and images and answering recall questions based on the media displayed. The highest-scoring contestant advances to the $20,000 end game. In the bonus round, the contestant watches two videos – simultaneously and side-by-side with audio playing for both – and must successfully answer questions correctly based on the videos.

Listed below are the times and FOX affiliate stations the show will air. iWitness‘s test run concludes August 18.

  • New York WWOR – 6:30pm & 10:30pm
  • Chicago WPWR – 5pm
  • Philadelphia WTXF – 6:00pm
  • Washington, D.C. WDCA – 6:30pm
  • Atlanta WAGA – 12:30am
  • Houston KTXH – 12:30pm
  • Detroit WJBK – 12:00am

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.59.47 PM.png

Take a look at Henson’s interview, along with with the sneak peek clip, on FOX 5 NY. (Don’t worry; you won’t be quizzed on it.) Check out local listings and stay tuned for the series premiere of iWitness next Monday.

Sources: CBS, Facebook, FOX 5 NY, Phone Arena

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