“Double Dare” Returns To Nickelodeon This Summer

For those of you who might have tuned into the network’s latest messy game show Keep It Spotless a couple of weeks ago and longed for the days when Double Dare aired regularly, your wish might come true with Nickelodeon’s latest news. Nick announced its decision to revive Double Dare today with 40 new episodes scheduled to air this summer. The revival will feature classic gameplay and challenges from the original series and special celebrity guest appearances from the past and present.

Double Dare has two teams face a series of questions and physical challenges for a chance to earn cash and a trip to the slime-filled Obstacle Course to win up to eight prizes. The show premiered on October 6, 1986 on Nickelodeon and ran until 1993 under various titles, including Super Sloppy Double Dare (1987-1989) and Family Double Dare (1988, 1990-1993). In 2000, the show returned as Double Dare 2000 with a new millenium twist and a new host/announcer tandem in Jason Harris and Tiffany Phillips.

In the current trend of television reboots, it is not completely surprising to see Nickelodeon reviving the popular kids game show. Even though the show hasn’t aired new episodes in nearly a scoreDouble Dare nostalgia has been slowly brewing in the pop culture world. In 2011, Good Charlotte paid tribute to the series in their music video “Last Night”. In 2012, Nickelodeon Family Suites in Orlando, FL introduced live Double Dare shows until 2016.

In 2016, Marc Summers returned to host a special game of Double Dare featuring stars from the classic Nick sketch comedy show All That at San Diego Comic-Con in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary. Later that year, NickSplat paid a weeklong tribute to the series with Double Dare Week in July by airing episodes from various versions of Double Dare, including rare reruns of FOX’s Family Double Dare and the hourlong 1993 Double Dare Tournament of Champions finale, and aired a reunion special in November featuring Summers, former production assistant Robin Russo and former announcer John “Harvey”.

Last year, On Your Marc made its debut during a sneak preview screening tour across the country. Produced by Marc Summers, Mathew Klickstein, Josh Yawn, Eric Cupps, Chloe Sullivan and Jon Niccum, the full-length documentary thoroughly covers the life and career of Marc Summers, including his lengthy stint on Double Dare. 

Taking all of these factors into consideration, it’s not a total shock to see Double Dare, the greatest kids game show of all time, return for an additional season considering how long Nick has been teasing us with a potential television revival. This is the perfect moment for Double Dare to make a comeback. While I don’t believe Marc Summers will return to host the series, I am curious to see who will.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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