Discovery Channel Renews “Cash Cab”

The network’s revival of its popular mobile quiz show returns in July with new episodes. The new season kicks off with a shark-themed episode airing concurrently with the 30th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. The show will feature videos from divers and photographers seen on specials during previous editions of Shark Week. Coming back for its ninth season, Cash Cab is hosted and executive produced by Ben Bailey and takes unexpected contestants on a cab ride to their destination while answering trivia questions for cash.

Along with Bailey’s return, comedian David Steinberg will also be back as the executive producer with Tony Tackaberry and Allison Corn of All3Media’s Lion USA. Robyn Todd of Norton Productive will co-executive produce the show. Discovery revived Cash Cab last year with a few tweaks to the format including the addition of the Social Media Shout-Out lifeline, enabling contestants to ask Facebook Live viewers for assistance, and special celebrity appearances.

Check out past episodes of Cash Cab on the Discovery GO app and

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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