Top 5 April 2018 Game Show Moments

As we are entering into the first few days of May, it’s time to take a quick look at the top game show moments of the last month. We’ve seen two more contestants achieve Double Showcase wins, the season and series premieres of VH1’s Hip Hop Squares and Comedy Central’s version of Taskmaster and the long-awaited return of The Generation Game in the UK (albeit brief). Take a look at this month’s countdown to see if any of those highlights made the list.

#5: The Generation Game (Briefly) Returns
April 1

The month kicked off with The Generation Game revival arriving after four years of speculating whether or not the show would come back at all. Former Great British Bake Off hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins shared hosting duties for the series and a total of four pairs of family teams compete in a series of rounds that tested their abilities to emulate creative craft projects, perform elaborate, physically-demanding routines and act in comical skits. At the end of each round, the teams are awarded points by the featured stars performing in each game. The highest-scoring team plays the legendary Conveyor Belt end game to memorize and recall as many items as they can. This version also features two celebrity panelists each show to share their input on how the teams performed in each game.

The 2018 revival has encountered several setbacks along the way, including BBC One reducing the series length from four to two episodes, former Generation Game host Jim Davidson voicing his displeasure of Mel and Sue hosting and allegations surfacing of the network adding laugh tracks because the shows weren’t engaging enough. To add insult to injury, viewership dropped by 2 million viewers between the first and second episodes.

Even though Mel and Sue did a fine job as tandem hosts of the new series and this version produced the same unexpected, comedic moments as previous versions have, this iteration of The Generation Game just didn’t have enough energy to captivate its viewers.

#4: The Joker’s Wild Second Season Premieres
April 15

The Snoopified version of the classic game show of jokers and devils has returned to TBS after a successful first season. Several changes were made between seasons including Jeannie Mai no longer co-hosting as Lady Luck, the addition of a third round tripling the dollar values, Snoop Dogg giving losing contestants a few hundred dollars (likely from his own pocket) as a small consolation prize, more celebrity guest appearances and $50,000 top prize. As I have stated in one of my prior articles, the changes have only improved The Joker’s Wild and it seems as if the show is on the right track for a third season renewal. Check out full episodes of the first and second seasons on and take a look at a few humorous moments from the past few weeks below:

#3: “Milk and Four Sugars” Win £45,000 Jackpot
Tenable (ITV)
April 20

Hosted by Warwick Davis, Tenable is one of the more underrated UK daytime game shows where a team of five contestants complete Top Ten lists in various subjects for a chance to win up to £125,000. One of the Tenable‘s most impressive wins occurred a couple of weeks ago when team Milk and Four Sugars – comprised of Ali, Mick, Keith, Dave and team captain Tony – conquered the final list of the show pertaining to the last ten countries where the Summer Olympics have taken place and won a massive sum of £45,000. Check out the Ali providing the winning answer to seal the deal in the clip below.

#2: Dhruv Gaur Wins 2018 College Championship
April 20

Out of the 15 bright and brilliant contestants competing in this year’s collegiate tournament, Dhruv Gaur, a freshman from Gainesville, GA attending Brown University, emerged as the $100,000 victor. Gaur proved to be one of the stronger contender’s in the tournament field from the start by being one of two contestants to have a runaway game in the quarterfinals. Although he struggled in the semifinals and had to depend on his opponents’ providing incorrect responses for the Final Jeopardy! clue, Gaur advanced to the two-game finals and dominated his competition – William Scott of Tufts University and Hannah Sage of University of Central Florida – by the time the second game rolled around. Check out Gaur’s tournament highlights in the clip below.

#1: Wayne Brady Wins First “Outstanding Game Show Host” Daytime Emmy
45th Daytime Emmy Awards
April 29

There was no question about which moment was the pick of the litter for this month after Let’s Make A Deal host Wayne Brady finally captured his first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host. Once his name was announced as the winner, that was the first time I was genuinely excited and surprised at the results since Craig Ferguson won the honor back in 2014 for his work on Celebrity Name Game. As I essentially stated on Twitter during the ceremony, Brady receiving this award is nine years overdue for the phenomenal work he does on the show from his excellent chemistry with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne and musician Cat Gray to his impeccable improvisational skills he brilliantly displays on the show day in and day out. Check out Brady’s acceptable speech in the clip below along with rest of the Daytime Emmy Award broadcast.

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